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SEA LIFE Aquariums discover new aquatic species Invisibilis Piscis Mysticus

  • Thursday 28th March 2024

SL Invisiblefish 6

SEA LIFE Aquariums across Australia are thrilled to announce the discovery of a remarkable new aquatic species that is being hailed as this century’s most groundbreaking find. The Invisibilis Piscis Mysticus, or Mystical invisible fish, promises to revolutionise the way the public perceives aquatic life.

Unlike anything seen before, the 400 mystical invisible fish on display across three sister aquariums in Australia: SEA LIFE Sydney, SEA LIFE Melbourne, and SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, challenge conventional notions of marine biology. The wonder of observing these elusive creatures, which, despite their invisibility, possess a captivating presence that will leave all onlookers spellbound.

From April 1st, visitors to the three iconic Australian aquariums will have the opportunity to witness these extraordinary creatures firsthand. Included in their general admission ticket, guests will be the first in the world to marvel at the ethereal beauty of the mystical invisible fish as they gracefully glide through their specially designed habitats.

Daniel Sokolnikoff, Curatorial Supervisor, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, said, “The discovery of the Mystical invisible fish is a testament to the endless wonders that the ocean holds. Introducing guests to such a rare and mesmerising species is truly exhilarating, igniting their curiosity and passion for marine conservation.”

This unprecedented display is only available briefly before the fish embark on a journey to captivate aquarium audiences worldwide.

APRIL FOOLS! We got you good didn't we?

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