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Totally Frogging Awesome

  • Wednesday 14th November 2018

Frogs are back at Sea Life Sunshine Coast!

We would like to invite you to see our brand new displays, with five different species of gorgeous frogs that have just moved into SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast. 

The new displays feature lush greenery, moss and purpose-built ponds and beautiful animals like Red-eye Tree Frogs, Magnificent Tree Frogs, Green Tree Frogs, Peron-Tree Frogs and Lesueur’s Tree Frogs.

The new displays also have an important story to tell, aiming to educate the plight of their wild counterparts, including the effect rubbish / single-use plastic has on our waterways.

Did you know there are over 4,700 species of frogs in the world? 

Here some other frogalicious fun facts: 

  • frogs are found on every continent except Antarctica
  • a group of frogs is called an army
  • frogs don't drink water, they absorb it through their skin
  • frogs shed their skin roughly once per week. After they have shed, the frog usually eats its skin
  • many frogs can jump more than 20 times their height

Stop by at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, a great thing to do on Sunshine Coast for the whole family.