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Track Our Turtles Here

  • Friday 24th May 2013

Find out how are rehabilitated turtles have got on following their release

Recently we released two of our Olive Ridley turtles. On May 22nd, rescued and rehabilitated turtles “Olive Oyl” and “Jamieson” were tagged with a tracking system so we could track their location and monitor their progress. We checked in on them today and found our turtles have been very busy already!


Turtle Track IN LINE IMAGE

Jamieson has travelled roughly 42.6 Km since his release on 22nd May and was tracked a few kilometres off Noosaville, while Olive Oyl has travelled 32.5 Km since his arrival and was tracked near Peican Waters . The new tracking system enables the UnderWater World Team to track the turtles in real time – tracking the turtle’s location, depth and movement.


Our Commitment

Here at UnderWater world we are committed to rescuing and rehabilitating sick animals. We have been caring for sick and injured turtles for over 24 years and  we estimate 829 turtles have been nursed during that time.
Stay tuned for further updates!


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