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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas You’ll Love!

  • Wednesday 12th September 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and, while it is one of the most joyous times of the year, some of us find ourselves in dread! “What on earth am I going to get [that person who’s so hard to buy for] this year?!” Stress no more; we have some great Christmas gift ideas for South-East Queenslanders from Brisbane to Gympie right here at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast! Check them out below.


Seal Swim Gift Voucher

Give the gift of an exclusive behind the scenes tour of our aquarium’s Seal Fish Kitchen before your loved one (wet)suits up and jumps into the water at Seal Island! They’ll get closer than they ever imagined possible to one of our beautiful seals for an interactive and playful seal swim session. As they interact with them they will learn all about their behaviours, how we care for them at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast and what these cheeky fellas get up to when they think no-one is looking. Guests will also get a souvenir photograph to remember the fantastic gift you gave!


Seal Encounter Gift Voucher

The perfect gift for an animal lover who prefers to stay dry, they’ll come face to flipper with one of our cheeky resident seals with the Seal Encounter experience. Your loved one will get to touch and shake flippers with our gorgeous seals as well as learn all about the different species that live in Australian waters. They will also get a behind the scenes tour of our Seal Fish Kitchen to see how we prep their fishy food and learn more about how we take care of them. Just like the with the Seal Swim, your gift receiver will get to take home a souvenir photograph as a keepsake of their magical 1-on-1 seal experience.

All day SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast admission is also included with both of these seal experience gift vouchers. That means your loved one gets the added bonus of spending the rest of the day discovering the other marine and freshwater creatures including sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, sea horse and many other tropical and freshwater fish.


Annual Passes for All Year Round Fun

Know someone who can’t get enough of our Aquarium? They’ll be thanking you all year long with a Merlin Annual Pass gift voucher! Passholders receive UNLIMITED entry to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast plus ten more attractions across Australia and New Zealand. If that’s not enough, they’ll also get 10% off food and drink, gift shop discounts and 20% off experiences like the seal ones above. With all the annual pass has to offer, you’ll  be crowned ‘Best Gift Giver’ for years to come.

See our gift vouchers page below for more info and to purchase yours in time for Christmas.