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We love Turtles!

  • Wednesday 2nd April 2014

A brand new turtle rehabilitation is a great addition to see on a daily behind the scenes tour giving guests the opportunity to see the turtles recovering and to learn about the methods implemented by animal experts. The new facility which opened in March will let up to 20 sick or injured turtles ‘check-in’ for rehabilitation in a hospital solely devoted to caring for the animals.


The new Turtle Hospital features a new floor design to cater for more than 20 turtles at one time, with various sized tanks holding 5 to 1,500 litres of water and a triage table where the animal team can assess each turtle for injuries and sickness.  


SEA LIFE Mooloolaba has been caring for sick and injured turtles for over 24 years with its rehabilitation program becoming increasingly effective at raising awareness on the Sunshine Coast.


What we do;

Sick or injured turtles that are brought into SEA LIFE Mooloolaba will be treated in the Turtle Hospital where they will be assessed, provided good quality water, food and if necessary medication.


Once the turtles begin to show progress, they will be moved into the Turtle Pool where their diving and feeding will be monitored before transitioning to the attraction’s Turtle Temple zone remaining for a month under supervision until they are ready to be released back into the ocean.


Last May, SEA LIFE Mooloolaba launched a major new advance to its successful turtle rehabilitation program with the introduction of satellite turtle tagging to monitor and track the progress of rehabilitated turtles once they are released back into the ocean.


Behind the scenes tours happen daily and can be booked upon arrival to the attraction. 



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