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Protecting Animals And Their Habitats

Our Commitment

Conservation Research

Research is a vital part of our role in helping to preserve our fragile and unique marine habitats and the animals which inhabit them.

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast currently works collaboratively with a number of organisations:

Queensland University

  • Grey Nurse Shark pattern recognition research: Carley Bansemer;
  • Looking at ways to identify Grey Nurse without using any invasive techniques.

Sunshine Coast University

  • Nudibranch Research: Takeshi Furuhashi;
  • Larval development in Dermatobrancus.

Griffith University

  • Epaulette Shark breeding and blood work;
  • Identifying novel genetic cardio-protective pathways in the Epaulette shark.

Monash University

  • Associated GNS breeding Research: Johnathin Daly, Melbourne Aquarium.