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Ten Simple Conservation Tips

Conservation Tips

We've put together ten simple things that anyone can do to help take care of the ocean and shoreline.

1) Leave only footprints in the sand

Never leave litter behind when you go to the beach.

2) Never release balloons into the air

Balloons cause the death of countless numbers of sea turtles and whales causing them to suffocate or starve to death. It is now illegal to release balloons into the air on the Sunshine Coast.

3) Put trash in its place

Wind and rain can carry litter to our streams and our streams feed our oceans.

4) Use public transportation, cycle or walk

Reduce automobile pollution that contributes to climate change which directly affects the ocean.

5) Do not dump

Do not dump oil, soapy water or any toxic products down roadside drains as this water doesn’t go through the waste water treatment and goes straight into rivers and eventually the ocean.

6) Pick up after your pets

Never leave or hose pet droppings into the roadside drains as this causes high bacteria levels that contaminate the ocean.

7) Swim and see, don’t touch

With sea creatures, keep a respectful distance for their safety and yours.

8) Conserve water

Take shorter showers and repair leaky taps

9) Reduce, reuse and recycle

Save money and natural resources as well as the environment.

10) Care

Share these tips with your friends. You can make a difference

Do you know how long it takes rubbish to disintegrate?

  • Cigarette Butt: 1-12 YEARS
  • Plastic Bag: 10-20 YEARS
  • Aluminium Can: 80-100 YEARS
  • Glass Bottle: 1 MILLION YEARS
  • Plastic Bottle: NEVER