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Beach Clean Up 4


As a company with operations in 25 countries, we always seek to reduce both our local and global impact on the environment with clear, measurable actions. Through our attractions, we encourage our guests to respect their environments too and do the right thing for a sustainable future.

Leading By Example

We're always looking for ways to protect the environment.

We have some great initiatives here at the aquarium that underpin our commitment to sustainability.

As a business we're aiming to embed sustainable practices across all areas of operations. 

Protecting the Environment

We recognise that our operations have an effect on the environment, and we're committed to minimising any potential negative impact we have. Managing this effectively is in line with our strategic goals and essential for sustainable success.

Helping reduce plastic pollution

An estimated 26 million tonnes of plastic pollution ends up in the oceans each year. As advocates of marine conservation, we're focusing even more on removing single use plastic from our business and actively seeking out environmentally responsible businesses throughout our supply chain.

In 2018, we phased out plastic straws within all Merlin’s owned attractions worldwide. We'll continue to review the use of plastic within our business, seek innovative partnerships to raise awareness of plastic misuse, and promote recycling through our attractions.

In 2019 we also implemented a new initiative to help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans; 10c from the purchase of any cold drink within our attraction will go towards raising funds for the installation of new Seabins in our local Sydney waterways.

Employee participation

Every year we take part in ‘We Care about our Planet’ events to support our commitment to sustainability. These include collecting plastics and other waste, encouraging staff to cycle, walk and even skateboard to work and driving awareness about environmental initiatives amongst our staff and guests. Our SEA LIFE aquariums all over the world host 'beach cleans' to clear litter and help prevent materials entangling and poisoning creatures that live on or near the beach.

Sustainable Seafood

Aqua Cafe at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast now serves Marine Stewardship Council certified fish. This means that these are sustainable species, and have been caught in a sustainable method. Learn about how you can buy sustainable seafood.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is also proud to be aligned with What's the Catch? with Matthew Evans on SBS ONE which discovers the shocking truth about Australia's seafood and reveals what we should be eating and why.