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Bridgewater Canal Clean

Volunteer and have fun making our canals a better place!

Bridgewater Canal Clean

Thursday 23rd April - 1pm until 2:30pm

An estimated 26 million tons of plastic pollution ends up in the oceans each year where it chokes, entangles and poisons marine life. By keeping our canals and beaches clean we can keep harmful materials away from marine animals. Our canals and beaches – and the creatures that live on or near them - are threatened by sewage and wastewater being diverted directly into the ocean, industrial waste, oil pollution, marine dumping, atmospheric deposition, radioactive waste, underground storage leaks and global warming.

We at SEA LIFE believe that helping the environment is the best way to protect our native sea creatures around Britain. That's why we're working with the National Trust to host Beach & Canal Cleans in the North West!

We're recruiting volunteers who are willing to spend a bit of free time and have fun making our Beaches and Canals a better place. This not only helps the marine life within it, but will provide a better environment for us all.

As our native marine life can't talk to say thanks, we would also be giving every volunteer FREE entry to SEA LIFE Manchester to show our appreciation!

For more information or to sign up click HERE!


As part of the Government’s containment plan for the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have been advised to temporarily close SEA LIFE Manchester. The move is consistent with the closure of other leisure venues to prevent further outbreak.