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8 Pieces of Life Advice From a Shark

  • Monday 15th July 2019

Hello, unappetising two-legged warm bodies! Mitch is my name: star Grey Nurse Shark at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. I’ve got a fish bone to pick with you; here are a few things I’ve learned in my shark life…


Listen Carefully

Did you know our ears are inside our head? Sound is the first clue that yummy fishies are nearby, and some of us can sense it from more than 240 metres away. That’s twice the length of Melbourne’s Princes Bridge! Hearing is one thing, but truly listening is a skill. Look between the ripples, humans!


Look at the Big Picture

My eyes are on opposite sides of my head, so I can almost see 360-degrees around me. This wide view means I’m always ready and roaring for food opportunities, as well as any dangers. Pretty cool, hey?


Be Resilient

We don’t have bones, but we do have some of the thickest skin in the world. My whale shark cousins are said to have skin that’s 15cm thick! My species has lived through five mass extinctions; we’re older than trees! So, as you ride the ups and downs of life, having a thick skin like me will serve you well. No matter what happens, just keep on swimming!


Keep Looking Forward

I confess. Bruce in Finding Nemo can swim backwards, but the rest of us can’t. Hey, there’s no time to float in the past, because you’ll get left behind. Take charge of your future, little and big ones!


Don’t Judge Others

My friends and I are sociable and curious creatures. Movies make us out to be human-munching monsters, but to be honest – you’re not very tasty! I know I look scary with my big toothy grin, but it’s all for show. When you come face to fin with us in a cageless shark diving experience, you’ll learn not to judge a book by its cover.


Eat More Brain Food

At the top of the food chain, sharks are excellent hunters (if do I say so myself.) It’s best to stay mentally and physically healthy so you can make good decisions! My keepers at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium tell me greens, nuts and seeds, oatmeal and apples are like superhero-food for humans – so you’d better eat them up!


Be Prepared

We don’t just have one row of teeth; we have up to seven! Plus, we never stop growing new ones. My advice is – always have a back-up plan!


All Animals are Precious

Finally, we sharks want to stick around. My race is essential to the ecosystem, and I have lots more to teach you about the world. Sadly, humans kill 100 million sharks a year; my blue shark buddies are the most endangered of all of us. They’re overfished to make shark fin soup.


See, we sharks aren’t so bad. Meet my gentle beast buddies and me at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. We only bite other fishies!


Can I get a high-fin?