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New Chicks Break the Ice

  • Monday 26th November 2018

Is there anything cuter than a penguin chick? Yes! FOUR penguin chicks!

SEA LIFE Melbourne is proud to announce the births of our four babies during our ninth successful Gentoo penguin breeding season. 

Meet the chicks

  • K.T and Doogie were the first to have their egg hatch (pictured below) on October 19.


  • The largest of the new Gentoo chicks is the aptly-named Barrel (pictured below), who was born to first time mother Bruisey on October 29 weighing 92 grams.

  • On November 2 the third chick was welcomed (pictured below) by long time breeding partners Pickle and Finn.

  • The fourth egg hatched on November 10 to foster parents Apple and Pyke, who incubated the foster egg for 38 days.

Sea Life Melbourne bird keepers now have the task of naming three of the four chicks.

Gender of Chicks: We cannot tell the penguins gender until they have their adult feathers. Once they have appeared we can do a DNA test. 

Meet our Penguins today!