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Are You Ready For This Jelly?

  • Tuesday 28th August 2018

Are you ready for this Jelly? Come see Melbourne's coolest street art right outside of SEA LIFE Melbourne!

SEA LIFE teamed up with well-known street artist Mike Makatron to create an 83 square meter mural depicting an underwater world full of dancing sea jellies!

The initial inspiration came from an art competition held by SEA LIFE Melbourne earlier this year. The winner Sarah, aged six, depicted colourful and smiling creatures that inspired the final design.

Makatron, whose previous works include a permanent sculpture of Bon Scot in ACDC Lane and work for Docklands and White Night, used spray paint to create his giant installation which adds to Melbourne’s diverse array of public art and is set to bring a magical touch to the corner. Conscious of its surroundings, the sea jellies depicted are representative of creatures found locally in Port Philip Bay and visible at SEA LIFE Melbourne. 

“The mural aims to inspire wonder in pedestrians and commuters passing by, and while it highlights these fascinating creatures, the design itself still keeps some of the edginess of Melbourne,” says artist Makatron.

Swing by SEA LIFE Melbourne today to see this fantastic piece of artwork on the corner of Flinders St & King St. Don't forget to tag #sealifemelb and #mikemakatron!

Meet Sarah, the competition winner!

Sarah took part in the competition, creating her picture of jellyfish on a visit to Sea Life Melbourne after having received a Merlin Annual Pass for her birthday.  She’s super excited to have her picture as the inspiration for the mural!

Sarah loves entering art competitions and has submitted another art piece which will be part of an exhibition in North Melbourne, having paid the $2 entry fee herself as it will go to a Cambodian children’s charity.

About Mike Makatron:

Mike Maka is primarily a painter who works in a variety of media, mainly on walls, canvas and illustration on paper. He has travelled and created work around the world, painting the Berlin Wall to the River Ganges. At 20, he received a scholarship to study art in New York, which led to working as a bike messenger for 10 years in 10 cities, and leaving his mark on many walls.  An active member of Everfresh Studio since 2006, Mike has exhibited extensively through Australia as well as group shows in Brazil, Japan, Miami and New York, and has works in private and public collections locally and abroad, including acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, as well as working in institutions such as National Gallery of Victoria and MONA Tasmania.

His artwork captures a world in which the natural forces fight back against humanity, reclaiming the earth from the uncaring advance of civilisation. Focusing on the friction point between man, beast and machine, Maka presents a message to mankind to step foot outside of the concrete jungle and reconnect with Mother Nature and the animal in all of us.

He is based in Melbourne Australia, but has been known to wander in other dimensions. Check out his website for more info!