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Melbourne Penguins Weigh In!

  • Thursday 26th May 2022
  • SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium


A waddle of King and Gentoo penguins from SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium have received a vet health check before their upcoming trip to Sydney.

The penguins will soon be calling SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium home; making their way up to Melbourne’s sister-aquarium as part of their penguin breeding program.

Health Check

During the exams, our vet listened for strong heartbeats and ensured healthy eyes, feet and beaks.  The final check was having each penguin weigh-in.

Encouraged by the promise of their favourite fish and squid snacks, the penguins were happy to take their turn hopping onto the scales!

The SEA LIFE husbandry and vet team will be accompanying the penguins on their journey, helping assure a safe transition to their new colony.


In addition to the popular Sub-Antarctic penguin colony, SEA LIFE Melbourne is also home to sharks of all shapes and sizes, thousands of tropical fish, a huge saltwater crocodile named Pinjarra, mesmerising jellyfish and many more stunning sea creatures! For opening hours, tickets and further information

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