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Rubik's Cube solved while Shark Diving!

  • Friday 5th July 2019

Two champion speedcubers plunged into SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium’s Oceanarium for the ultimate Rubik’s cube challenge surrounded by sharks, rays and hundreds of fish!

World Record Holder Jack Cai and fellow speedcuber Ethan Pride squared off ahead of the WCA Speedcubing World Championships 2019, presented by Rubik’s.

Taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11 – 14 July, the biennial event brings over 900 speedcubers from around the world together for an extended weekend of puzzle solving and intense competition.

Jack and Ethan took part in Melbourne’s only shark dive experience – with a twist! The speedcubers solved their Rubik’s cube while fully submerged in SEA LIFE Melbourne’s 2.2 million litre Oceanarium tank as part of the exhilarating Shark Dive Xtreme experience. World Record Holder Jack took it to the next level by solving the Rubik’s cube underwater with his eyes closed!

SEA LIFE Melbourne is currently running a Winter Special on Shark Dive Xtreme tickets! Guests can save $40 if they book and use their dive before the end of August! 

For further information about WCA Speedcubing World Championships, visit: