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  • Monday 5th February 2018

SEA LIFE Melbourne is celebrating the successful rehabilitation of its rescued Green Sea Turtle, Terry, who is set to be released back to the ocean in early February.


Terry has been rehabilitating at the aquarium for the last six months after being discovered in poor health on Mornington Peninsula’s Rye beach in August 2017.Weighing only 7.7kg on discovery, under careful watch by the aquarium’s expert team and vets, the shelled reptile now weighs a healthy 15.8kg and is in fighting fit form. In fact, the shelled reptile’s remarkable progress has Terry set to be released back to the ocean in early February from Mallacoota, Victoria.


SEA LIFE Melbourne’s Exhibit Manager, Tereza Todd, said the popular turtle’s imminent release is an exciting but bittersweet moment.


“With a determined nature and a cheeky spirit, Terry won the hearts of our team from the start and it has been incredibly rewarding to see him grow stronger and healthier every day. Though it will be sad to wave goodbye, Terry’s release is the moment that our dedicated aquarists and veterinary staff have worked towards over the last six months and we’re very excited to see Terry return to his marine home,” said Ms Todd.


In preparation for release, Terry swam some practice laps in Sea Life Melbourne’s 2.2million Oceanarium tank today – flanked by divers – stretching his flippers and coming face-to-face with many of the aquatic animals Terry will soon encounter in the ocean.


Prior to release, Terry will be fitted with a satellite tag to assist with tracking his anticipated swim home to the warmer waters of the North Eastern Australian coastline. The navigation tag was donated by the SEA LIFE Trust, an independent not-for-profit organisation committed to helping conserve wildlife, and will help the aquarium’s team track Terry’s swimming progress over the coming months.


Green Sea Turtles are classified as an endangered species and SEA LIFE Melbourne is proud to have been involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and soon-to-be release of Terry.