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  • Friday 2nd March 2018

SEA LIFE Melbourne has waved a fond farewell to rescued and rehabilitated Green Sea Turtle, Terry, who was released back to the ocean yesterday.

Terry the Green Sea Turtle – thought to be aged between  3-5 years - was rescued from Rye beach on the Mornington Peninsula in August 2017 after being discovered in poor health and weighing only 7.7kg. 

Terry spent the last seven months undergoing specialised rehabilitation at SEA LIFE Melbourne, a program managed by the aquarium’s aquarists and veterinary team, and made a full recovery, most recently tipping the scales at a healthy 15.8kg.

The shelled reptile was released back to the ocean on Thursday morning from Secret Beach, Mallacoota on the Eastern coast of Victoria and the SEA LIFE team was supported by families from the local community who joined in the celebrations.

SEA LIFE Melbourne’s Exhibit Manager, Tereza Todd, said that Terry’s release was a proud moment that the aquarium was delighted to share with Australians.

“There’s no doubt that this special turtle means a great deal to our team and we’ve been absolutely privileged to work closely with Terry over the last seven months as we’ve nursed him back to health. We’ve also been truly humbled by the interest and support of Australians who have been closely following Terry’s story and been championing his progress – Terry is one popular turtle!”

While Terry is expected to swim home to the warmer waters of the North Eastern coastline; he has been fitted with a satellite tag that will assist the SEA LIFE Melbourne team in tracking his journey. Australians can also follow Terry’s trip by visiting,

The satellite tag was donated by the SEA LIFE Trust, an independent not-for-profit organisation committed to helping conserve marine life, and will also provide valuable data to help understand the natural behaviour of sea turtles.

Green Sea Turtles are classified as an endangered species and SEA LIFE Melbourne, with the support of the SEA LIFE Trust, is proud to have been involved in Terry’s success story - from rescue and rehabilitation to his recent release back to the ocean.