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The countdown is on! Finishing touches are made on $9 Million oceanarium upgrade

  • Thursday 14th December 2023


It was all hands on deck for three days, as the team poured and raked the pristine sand into place, recreating a stunning ocean-floor landscape. This marks a significant milestone in the journey to bring a slice of the reef to the heart of Melbourne.

After a dry period lasting nine months, the Oceanarium's 2.2-million-litre tank was refilled, and 74 tonnes of premium salt was added, ensuring that every detail is meticulously in place for the grand unveiling this summer.


This extensive undertaking of refilling the Oceanarium, spanning three weeks, ensured the ideal marine environment for the sharks, rays, and turtles returning from sister aquariums - SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast and SEA LIFE Sydney.


Night on the Reef promises a spectacular, bioluminescent display, offering an immersive and unforgettable experience for all. Guests will have the unique opportunity to explore the mesmerising world beneath the waves, encounter a diverse array of marine life, and witness the enchanting beauty of the reef after dark.


SEA LIFE Melbourne is committed to delivering a magical experience that entertains, educates, and fosters an appreciation for the world's oceans. The new $9 million exhibit aligns with SEA LIFE Melbourne's mission to promote marine conservation and bring the wonders of the ocean to the heart of the city.


Over the coming weeks, guests can peek through the specially crafted viewing points to catch a glimpse of the creatures as they settle into their new home.