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The Most Amazing Christmas Party Venue in Melbourne

  • Wednesday 29th August 2018

Have you been tasked with planning the annual work Christmas Party? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to our fair share of oh-so forgettable Christmas events. That means planning one is a lot of pressure! It’s time to make sure yours doesn’t fall into the average category. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon Melbourne’s coolest and most unique Christmas party venue, a place that will really show your employees how grateful you are for all their hard work, SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium!


The Most Unique Venue In Town

There is no other venue in Melbourne that can provide you with a magical, living backdrop for your party. Your employees will be blown away when they see the marine creatures gracefully gliding past as you party underwater, all while staying completely dry. Not only will the live creatures be hot topics of conversation, but the magical feel of the underwater room will have them buzzing. They will be talking about your Christmas party for years to come!


Bonding, Culture and Team Morale

A truly great Christmas party is far more valuable than you might think. It’s not only an opportunity for employers to send a positive message to employees around respect and gratitude, it is also an opportunity for employees to share in the rewards of their hard work and a chance for them to network in a relaxing way with people they have to collaborate closely with every day. Throwing your employees an amazing, memorable party will put them in a great mood and in turn improve culture and staff morale, which is incredibly important for the success of any business. Hello, magical underwater world!


Whatever You Need - We Got It

With five different event spaces to choose from, each with their own unique and captivating backdrop of live marine creatures, we are able to cater from 20 up to 1500 guests. Each space can be customised to your needs ensuring it is exactly what you envision for the perfect Christmas party. Our events team, with their stylish finishes and exquisite attention to detail, will ensure it has all the touches you need to make it look truly spectacular.


Insta Worthy Photo Opps

No need to brainstorm any extra games or activities to keep your staff all occupied during a SEA LIFE Melbourne Christmas party - who needs a photo booth when you have beautiful and majestic marine creatures to take selfies with? The theming and entertainment is literally built in to the walls at our aquarium. Set the challenge and see which of your staff can snap the best SEA LIFE selfie by the end of the night!

There’s no Christmas Party venue in Melbourne more memorable than SEA LIFE Melbourne. So whether you’ve got an intimate group of 20 to thank or you want to take over the aquarium with a team of 1,500 hard working staff, we can help you plan the perfect event everyone will love.


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