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Rescued sea turtle weighs in at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

  • Thursday 26th October 2017

Sea Life Melbourne has a new resident floating among its ranks (and tanks) – a rescued Green Sea Turtle named Terry.

The shelled reptile, believed to have travelled from the North Eastern Australian coastline, is currently being rehabilitated at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. Terry was rescued by the Sea Life team after they received reports of Terry’s discovery – and his poor health – which saw him washed ashore on a Rye beach on the Mornington Peninsula in August.

After weighing in at a mere 7.7kg upon rescue, Terry’s rehabilitation is going swimmingly – and he received a positive report at a special health check conducted at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium today. The check-up demonstrated a marked improvement in Terry’s health – he now weighs 10.1kg - and this is an important milestone as Terry prepares for his eventual return home.

After nearly 3 months of careful rest and recovery through our Turtle rescue and rehabilitation program, we’re delighted to see Terry receive such a positive health report. Terry has shown a fighting spirit from the beginning and he is well on the road to recovery.

Terry is expected to be released in January 2018 and he will be fitted with a satellite tag to assist with tracking his anticipated swim home to warmer waters.  Terry will be the 14th sea turtle to be rehabilitated and released following treatment at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium’s Turtle Rescue Centre.

For more information regarding Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and its Turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release program, visit