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Wellness in Melbourne: Where to Relax & Unwind

  • Monday 23rd September 2019

If you’re seeking to let go and de-stress, Melbourne has an abundance of places to slow down. Treat your body, mind and spirit with these relaxing activities.


Paper Tales

There’s something soothing about the smell of books. The earthy scent of a million stories can take you back to childhood, where papery tales held sway over your imaginations. You’re deep in the moment when reading a good book. And where better to do it than the hallowed hall of the great reading room at the State Library of Victoria. It’s a place which celebrates the written word, in an accessible and not-too-highbrow way. So settle in under the big dome, with soft light filtering down across your shoulder, and indulge in the cosy pages of a ripping good yarn.


Seeing Green

If you’d rather experience that beautiful light in the outdoors, then explore Como House and Gardens. Inhale deeply, and be thankful for the fresh air and clear South Yarra view. Take in every detail, from the manicured gardens to the rolling lawns and tall, shapely pines beside the stately home. Look up to the verandah, so you’re sure not to miss the intricate balcony fencing. When you choose to see details, it quietens the mind and pushes out the busy thoughts you’ve brought with you.


Mood Booster

Can time spent at an aquarium help your mood? The University of Exeter's European Centre for Environment and Human Health says yes. As well as bettering people's mood, the experiment showed significant lessening in participants' heart rate and blood pressure. So dive into some downtime at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. Relax in the coral caves, aglow with light and colour. Take the tunnel under the 2.2 million litre Oceanarium, and feel at one with the sea. Stretch out on the steps of the Ocean Theatre to watch the parade of marine creatures drift by; mesmerised by the swishy flicks of fins and tails. Feel the cooling sensation of water on your hands at the Discovery Rockpools, where you can touch rubbery sea stars and soft sea sponges. And for a real mood lifter – hang out with the playful penguins. Those guys are always chilled out.


Mind-Clearing Meander

Want some fresh city feels? Try Yarra Promenade for a mind-clearing meander. Following the bank of the Yarra, you’ll pass some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings, and artistic tributes. Watch the tourists and locals alike, taking in the sights and leaning on the metal balustrade to gaze across the river to the city. Go at night for the lights in the trees, the warm blaze of the Crown fire torches, and the buzz of people enjoying the evening. Despite the crowds, it’s one of the most relaxing places to visit in Melbourne.


Freedom by the Sea

Improving wellness can be as simple as changing your perspective; remember you’re part of a larger world. Head to Williamstown, a short drive from the Melbourne CBD to find the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. Here, nature is all around you; from sea birds soaring past, to critters sheltering in rock crevices. Catch the view across Port Phillip Bay to the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula and Point Cook. Wander the wooden boardwalk across the rock platform. Spot birds, and perhaps even a pod of dolphins. Open your eyes, ears and mind to the freedom of the sea.