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Why Melbourne Aquarium is a Great Date Idea

  • Tuesday 21st May 2019

Looking for a great first date idea? Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, if you’re both animal lovers, a trip to the aquarium is one of the most fun date ideas in Melbourne. Here’s why.


Bond Under Blue Lights

Blue is dreamy. It’s in the seas, skies, and twilight. Soak it all up with a long lovers’ walk at SEA LIFE Melbourne (and lean in for that movie-moment kiss!). Home to thousands of aquatic creatures, and with conservation at its core, the aquarium has so much to look at, talk about and learn together. It’s a great place to go beyond small talk and see whether you and your date have what it takes to go the distance.


Wet Weather-proof

At SEA LIFE Melbourne, when it comes to the weather, it’s always smooth-sailing so you can focus on being a smooth operator! Yes, the aquarium is completely undercover – you can even stand outside on the covered balcony overlooking the Yarra River for a picture perfect view. So whether the sun’s blazing or it’s bucketing down outside – no problem. The weather’s always fine for a romantic underwater adventure!

The aquarium never fails to tickle the senses in surprising ways. We have 14 unique habitat zones, so there’s zero boredom guaranteed. Brace yourself for a wow moment as you saunter through our 2.2 million litre Oceanarium tank while thousands of colourful fish and huge rays swim around you. 10 points for creative planning, Casanova!


Sea Life Nights

Delicious cocktails and canapés, a serene sea exploration, and live music all make for a memorable and fun Friday night date. New to SEA LIFE Melbourne's exciting events calendar in May 2019, this weekly 18+ Friday night affair is a great way to treat yourselves after a hard-working week between 6 pm and 10 pm. Save some dollars by buying early bird tickets online for these special after-work drinks below the surface!

Given your date is going well and there’s no ‘emergency’ text from a friend! Go paint the town red afterwards – you’re already in the heart of Melbourne CBD.


Penguins Passion

Clumsy waddling and porpoising in and out of the water; where do these fellas get all their energy?! Our Gentoo Penguins are the fastest swimming birds in the world and will no doubt inspire some silly inside jokes. If they can laugh with you here, they’ll more likely laugh with you through the hard times, right?

Want extra points for ‘adventure?’ Surprise your date with a Penguin Passport; a 45-minute sub-Antarctic expedition to get up close and personal with these suited up sea-birds. Snow gear, walking on ice, and all!


Conversation Starters

It’s okay to feel nervous on the first date – we’re all in the same boat. The softly glowing underwater world can dissolve nerves and be a safe haven for the shy. Walking side by side, there’s no intimidating eye contact, and some in-between silence is very welcomed. Nonetheless, seeing how your date handles obstacles gives you insight on how they’ll handle conflicts down the road.


And if neither of you has the urge to reach for your phone – success!