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World Penguin Day

  • Wednesday 17th April 2019

The internationally recognised, World Penguin Day marks the annual northward migration. Adelie penguins start migrating on the 25th April every year to escape the long, dark days of winter in the Antarctic. This special day is celebrated worldwide even though penguins are predominantly found in the Southern Hemisphere.

At SEA LIFE we celebrate World Penguin Day to draw attention to the plight of penguins in the wild and to promote ocean conservation. 

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Gentoo and King penguin breeding programs are among the best in the world, thanks to many successful breeding seasons. The newest addition to the group is baby penguin Odin. 


Did you know that we also have a Penguin Encounter Experience?

Meet our Penguin Keepers, go behind the scenes, and stand on the ice with these cheeky and inquisitive creatures!