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The Sunshine Coast's Underwater World

Right at the Wharf Mooloolaba

Did you know that SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast was once called Underwater World?

Underwater World became a part of the SEA LIFE family when it was acquired by Merlin Entertainments in 2013. It’s still the same great Mooloolaba aquarium so many people have wonderful childhood memories of, now backed by a globally renowned brand.

Here’s some fun facts about our aquarium, as well as some of our favourite exhibits that now make SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast better than it’s ever been.

Aquarium Fun Facts

From movie stars to giant squid...

Police Story Video

In 1996...

Jackie Chan’s movie Police Story 4: First Strike was released featuring scenes shot within the aquarium, including one scene in the main aquarium where you can see a tourist family in the reflection of one of the tanks - Oops! Can you spot our aquarium in the movie trailer?

Giant Squid Underwater World Sea Life Sunshine Coast

In 2006...

Underwater World displayed a GIANT squid preserved in a huge block of ice over the Christmas holidays. It was a spectacle locals talked about for years!

Front Entrance External

In 2013...

After 24 years as Underwater World, Merlin Entertainments purchased the aquarium and announced they would be spending $6.5 million on a world class refurbishment of the aquarium. As part of this process, they also rebranded the aquarium to join the SEA LIFE Centre family. After two years of significant investment and refurbishment, the aquarium has been upgraded to include eleven new zones of discovery, iconic state-of-the-art displays and many new marine species.

Favourite Exhibits

Here's our top three, visit us and discover yours!


SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is now the proud owner of one of Australia’s largest collections of sea jellies! Watch of hundreds of upside down jellies, moon jellies, comb jellies, blue blubbers and sea nettles mesmerisingly floating in our interactive area.


A large portion of the attraction was turned into a visitor walk-way, where visitors can now explore the depths of the ocean by walking through an 80 meter long Ocean Tunnel, beneath the 2.5 million litre oceanarium. See all sorts of marine life swimming all above and around you, such as 8 different species of sharks and giant stingrays.


A beloved Underwater World favourite for generations now, you can still come and meet our resident seals at Seal Island. Learn about these gorgeous animals through one of our fun and educational seal presentations. You can even venture below to Lower Seal Island to see how they interact and play underwater. There you really get a sense for their natural behaviour and sheer speed and agility in the water.

Education and Conservation

Breed, rescue and protect

By Underwater World being rebranded and joining the SEA LIFE family, the aquarium is now able to share knowledge and collaborate with staff at the other 40+ SEA LIFE aquariums around the world. Having this extensive support system is invaluable in being able to gain priceless knowledge that can be used to look after and treat our animals and natural habitats.

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is incredibly focussed on education and development and the upgrade to the aquarium also saw the introduction of new research programs which embrace the attractions strong ethical and environmental values of breed, rescue and protect.

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