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5 Reasons Adults and Kids Love Sea Life Melbourne

  • Tuesday 21st May 2019

Whether you have a family ticket or an annual pass, a visit to SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium has something fun for every member of your family – from toddlers and teenagers to adults alike! Check out these 5 family favourites.


Finny Business

Here at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, our sharks are big, beautiful and incredible up close. See them all, along with giant rays, turtles and hundreds of other marine creatures, in our 2.2 million litre Oceanarium! And hey, if you do feel like getting wet, we can help with that too. A SEA LIFE Shark Dive Xtreme experience gets you into the water with our sharks, just like you would in the ocean: face to face without a cage. It’s a great gift idea for teenagers, who are traditionally hard to impress!



Toddlers and primary school-aged kids often want to get closer to the exhibits. At the Rockpool, toddlers can gently hold beautiful shells and sea stars. Older children will enjoy learning about the unique attributes of each item, such as how shark eggs are laid and why they look and feel so unusual. It’s great for kinaesthetic or tactile learners, as well as a fun bonding experience. Elsewhere in the aquarium, our new Interactive Wonderwall is a digital installation which recreates the movement of water. Children can take a photo of their face and project it on the wall as well as wave to the Clownfish, create bubbles, and even walk along the seabed! The Glass Bottom Boat experience is another favourite activity, offering a window into an oceanic wonderland. Book this activity online to sure up your spot on the boat!


Waddle We Do Next?

If we were giving awards for cuteness, the penguins would easily win! Watching them is so much fun because, just like kids, they’re naturally amusing. Hang out in the Penguin Playground to see our flightless friends waddling across the snow and ice, and gracefully gliding through the water. Our Gentoo Penguins are genuine speedsters, who can swim at 36 km/h. Grab your Penguin Passport online which gets you out on the ice to play in our Antarctic wonderland!


Bay of Rays

Need a short break from all the visual stimulation? Rays, by nature, don’t get fussed about much – so take their advice, and enjoy a breather in the Bay of Rays. Wander around the circular display, and watch these chilled-out little rays do their thing. They rival our penguins on the cuteness scale! Kids will enjoy the cool crawl-through area, where they’ll meet the fascinating creatures that live underneath the waters of Port Phillip Bay, including Fiddler Rays and Port Jackson Sharks.


Meet the Reef

One of our favourite exhibits at SEA LIFE Melbourne is the Coral Atoll. With reefs around the world under threat, now is an important time to introduce your kids to the wonderful magic of the reef environment. The Coral Atoll is home to many exotic species of marine life, such as Rabbitfish, Honeycomb Moray Eels, and Pinocchio Fish, as well as hundreds of beautiful tropical fish. You won’t believe the variety of shapes and colours! In the coral caves, children can wander into underwater caverns, to spot Clownfish and Blue Tang, which are the species made famous by Nemo and Dory. What a fun way to learn about conservation.