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In collaboration with Agriculture Victoria

Become a Junior biosecurity Officer!

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium has partnered with Agriculture Victoria to create an informative activity book centred around diverse marine creatures. During the month of May, we're giving you a chance to become a Junior Marine Biosecurity Officer! Follow Aggie to see if you can identify the marine pests in the Aquarium!

Join Aggie!

Come join Aggie, the official biosecurity mascot of Agriculture Victoria! Dive into immersive hands-on activities along an interactive trail, specially crafted to ignite a passion for marine conservation in children. Explore the vital role of safeguarding local species from marine pests and empower young minds with actionable knowledge and tools to champion positive change.

KP 084 SL Activity Trail 240513

What's On

Anja Rockpool

Discover our rockpools

Get your hands wet and discover the world that lies below the waves at the interactive Discovery Rockpools, where you can touch beautiful Sea stars and shark eggs! Explore the Mangrove Nursery, where the mangroves provide the perfect playground for juvenile fish.

KP 034 SL Activity Trail 240513

NEW Activity Book

The presence of foreign pests in our bays and water systems can significantly impact aquatic ecosystems, disrupt food chains, and significant overall effects on our waterways.

Engage with this captivating booklet during your visit to SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, or alternatively, access the complimentary resource below for classroom use. Download your free copy now and discover more on our exotic marine life!


Download an accessible option here!


Join us for a conservation excursion!

We offer informative guided experiences based around conservation programs within the aquarium. Come see our amazing creatures and conservation techniques up close!

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