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Happy Feet

4-D Cinema Experience

This experience is included in the cost of admission and is fully wheel chair accessible.
Mumble Pics

Don't miss the 4-D Cinema Experience!

Put on your dancing shoes and boogie with Mumble in Happy Feet 4D Experience. Journey to Antarctica
to meet a lively colony of Emperor Penguins faced with a diminishing food supply. Mumble sets out on an
adventure to appeal to the better nature of humans and tries to reason with them to stop stealing the fish.
Using courage and bravery, the banished Mumble soon realizes that his toe-tapping talent isn’t a burden,
but a gift to be treasured—and his dancing feet may ultimately save his endangered colony! Featured in
digital 3D and brought to life with 4D multi-sensory effects, this is an immersive experience for the whole
family to enjoy.

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