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Marine Mindfulness

Soothing sea creatures

Soothing sea creatures

Our Marine Mindfulness content aims to encourage relaxation and calm with peaceful and mesmerizing content.

According to multiple studies – including a 2019 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health – observing live fish in an aquarium decreases anxiety, enhances relaxation and improves one’s mood.  

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Guided meditation

Watch this 10-minute session focusing on mesmerizing moon jellyfish gracefully pulsing through the water. 


Oceanarium Meditation

Watch this 6-minute session featuring sleek trevally gliding through the 2.2 million litre Oceanarium.

Compliment Corner

Meet SEA LIFE's new, very polite creatures.
Do you need a compliment? Do you know someone that deserves one?

Hang out with, patient Pat on the back Pufferfish, pleasant Praiser the Penguin and gentle Jilly the Jellyfish.

Jilly The Jellyfish

Jilly the Jellyfish

Do you need a compliment? Or maybe someone you know deserves one. Enjoy as Jilly the Jellyfish tells you how amazing you are!


Praiser the Penguin

Do you need a compliment? Or maybe someone you know deserves one. Enjoy as Praiser the Penguin tells you how amazing you are!


Compliment Corner: Pufferfish Pat

Do you need a compliment? Or maybe someone you know deserves one. Enjoy as Pufferfish Pat tells you how amazing you are!

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Coral Atoll

This colourful underwater wonderland is home to a variety of exotic animals, including moray eels, and hundreds of multi-coloured fish. See if you can spot Dory, the famous Southern Blue Tang. Coral Atoll is just one of many habitats to discover at SEA LIFE Melbourne, where you can lose yourself in a colourful underwater world.

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Penguins, lizards, sharks, rays, fish & eels enjoying a pumpkin treat on Halloweeen at SEA LIFE Melbourne

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Live Life And Roam 1440X1176

Live from the Oceanarium

To celebrate National Science Week we will take you on a journey deep below and encounter some of the SEA LIFE Melbourne's largest marine creatures in this live stream from our 2.2 million litre Oceanarium.


Clownfish Party

It's time to end the stressful week with a relaxing live stream of adorable little clownfish!

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