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Japanese Spider Crabs

  • SEA LIFE, Lair of the Giant Crab

The largest leg span of any arthropod!

The Japanese spider crab is a species of marine crab that lives in the waters around Japan. In these waters, their orange and white bodies blend in with the rocks on the ocean floor.

  • The average life span is up to 100 years and weighs roughly 19 kilos
  • It has the largest leg span of any arthropod, which are animals with no backbone or external skeleton
  • Males are larger than females and have larger legs that hold their claws, though females have wider abdomens to hold their eggs
Japanese Spider Crab at SEA LIFE

Did you know?

  • The Japanese spider crab is not only the biggest crab, but its long lifespan may also make it the longest-lived
  • Their ling legs look impressive but are known to be weak and poorly attached at the joints. Studies have found that a large percentage of crabs caught were missing one or more limbs - which regrow when the crab molts
Children at the Giant Crab zone at SEA LIFE Manchester

Enter the lair of the giant crab!

Discover some of the unusual inhabitants, before coming face to claw with our ginormous Japanese spider crabs at SEA LIFE Manchester.

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