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Rays and Sawfish

While our 2.2 million litre Oceanarium undergoes renovations, some of the incredible marine creatures – including tawny nurse sharks, speartooth sharks, leopard sharks, sawfish, smooth rays and eagle rays – will not be visible to our guests. These large sharks and rays will be back to inspire our guests when the Oceanarium reopens in December 2023. 

Rest assured, you can still see some incredible sharks and rays at SEA LIFE Melbourne! You can find Port Jackson sharks and fiddler rays in Bay of Rays and a range of carpet sharks in Coral Atoll. 

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We are planning to reopen the reinvigorated Oceanarium in December. The exact date will be confirmed closer to the time. 

Tawny nurse sharks, speartooth sharks, leopard sharks, sawfish, smooth rays, eagle rays and the grouper will not be visible to our guests while the Oceanarium undergoes upgrades. 

The creatures that resided in our Oceanarium have either been moved to our sister attractions SEA LIFE Sydney and SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, or are currently behind the scenes here at SEA LIFE Melbourne. The creatures have been transported safely and our dedicated team has ensured their comfort every step of the way.