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World Turtle Day Square Large
  • Thursday 23rd May 2024


This day is dedicated to celebrating and protecting turtles by raising awareness to their plight and encouraging action to help them survive and thrive!

  • Thursday 18th April 2024

It's nesting time at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Spring is in the air which means the beginning of the annual breeding season for our Gentoo colony. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Gentoo penguin courtship and the significance of pebbles in their romantic pursuits. Each one meticulously chosen and presented as a token of affection.

David Clode F7 I14hajqk Unsplash
  • Sunday 31st March 2024

Hopping into Easter with Rabbit Fish: 10 egg-citing facts!

As we celebrate Easter, what better opportunity to dive into the underwater world and learn more about a fascinating creature that combines the spirit of Easter with the wonders of marine life - the rabbit fish!

Eye 29
  • Wednesday 6th March 2024


To get into the spirit of World Book Day® and encourage children to share their passion for reading, some of the UK’s leading attractions are partnering with the charity to celebrate the fun this year.

  • Sunday 18th February 2024

Happy World Whale Day!

This is a day dedicated to raising awareness about conservation and promoting the need for the protection of these majestic creatures.

8496 Longsnout Seahorse Hippocampus Reidi 7
  • Saturday 10th February 2024

Diving into the whimsical world of Seahorses: 10 fun facts!

Seahorses are unique in appearance and possess a myriad of attributes that set them apart from other marine creatures. Let's dive into the whimsical world of seahorses and uncover 10 intriguing facts about these charismatic creatures.

Zebra Shark
  • Wednesday 31st January 2024

Seasick: Free Underwater Escape this National Sickie Day

SEA LIFE London Aquarium is offering FREE entry to those who dare to call in sick this National Sickie Day (5th February)

SLO 20240120 GEN Penguinawarenessday+ Sl Header
  • Saturday 20th January 2024

Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day

Every year on January 20th, the world comes together to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day, a special occasion dedicated to raising awareness about our feathered friends! Join us in learning all about penguins, their lifestyle and environment, and how we can help raise awareness and make changes to factors that threaten their existence.

Sea 35
  • Wednesday 3rd January 2024

We've dived into our o-FISH-al annual 'count and clean' stocktake

Aquarists at SEA LIFE London Aquarium today dived into its annual creature ‘Count and Clean’ to take stock of its huge array of amazing marine species.

  • Friday 22nd December 2023

It's a wonderful SEA LIFE!

Work doesn’t stop at the 11 SEA LIFE centres across the UK over the festive SEAson as the attractions give a behind-the-scenes look at how their creatures are cared for on Christmas Day