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Secondary Guided Tours & Tertiary Options

Inspiring Older Learners

Our guided tour programs for years 7 - 12 are all designed to meet the ACARA requirements and to inspire and engage your students. Learning is built around exploring, problem solving, questioning and investigating to make the experience interactive, hands-on and above all fun. 

For a full list of secondary school level guided tours, see below!

Please see our excursion rates page for a full price list.


Blue Blubber Jellyfish at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium


This program gives students an insight into biological classification systems and teaches them how to group animals by looking at observable characteristics, using basic keys to help identify species and gives them an introduction to hierarchical systems and scientific names.


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Food Webs

This program looks at how and why food chains and food webs function, and the roles & interactions of varying organisms within them.


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Save sea turtles with SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast


This program touches upon the effects human activities such as carbon emissions and habitat destruction have on aquatic ecosystems. It also teaches students the basics of laws, guidelines, environmental rehabilitation and monitoring.


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Jellyfish Kingdom Clown Anemone2


A program that allows students to explore the ecology of aquatic communities by doing
abundance and richness surveys and looking at methods of monitoring environmental factors.

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Little Blue Penguin Facts - SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast


This program explores the structural, functional and behavioral adaptations that enhance an organisms’ survival in the wild.

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Water Quality

Your students will discover how an open system aquarium operates and the implications that arise if strict water quality standards are not met. This program teaches students how important water quality is to maintain marine and aquatic health. Conduct real water quality tests on site and experience a Behind the Scenes tour to see the inner-workings of the aquarium!

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Front Entrance External


Your students will discover how the Aquarium operates as a successful QLD business.


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Animal Care

Tertiary Students

We provide an authentic representation of potential career opportunities for tertiary students studying marine science, ecology, aquaculture, tourism or hospitality based subjects.

Students will be taken on an informative guided tour helping them to learn and discover more about each of the fascinating areas within SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast.

More more details contact our reservations team at or complete our online enquiry form via the book now button below.

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