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School Sleepovers

After Dark Programs

Explore the aquarium by night, after all other guests have left. 

Come and see what the creatures of the sea get up to when the lights are turned off and they think no one is watching!

You can choose the famous Sleepover or even extend your stay the next day with the Adventure Camp. 

What' Included

Sleepover Mobile Image SLSC

Spend the night at the aquarium either sleeping under the 2.5 million litre Ocean Tunnel or in our Little Blue Penguin exhibit. 

The Experience Includes:

  • A sleepover in the aquarium
  • An exclusive seal presentation
  • Evening meal + supper + breakfast

Sleeping Areas

Oceanarium Sharks

Sleeping under our 80 metre long Ocean Tunnel is definitely one of the highlights! It is divided into 3 different areas – The Shark Shipwreck, Coral Cove, and Bay of rays. Watch our animals get active at night as the blue coloured night lights come on. Or see if you can spot our Tawny Nurse Sharks resting on the glass above you.

We arrange for all guests to be sleeping ‘head to tail’ in one long line, and we can divide the group into boys and girls areas if you wish. Adults will sleep either end of the tunnel, and one in the centre, for fire safety reasons.

Toilets are accessible via ramp access and are 2 levels up.

Proposed Schedule

On the Night  
4.30 pm Normal Check-in time, bag storage, afternoon tea (unless wanting supper)
5.00 pm Seal presentation
5.20 pm Ocean Tunnel tour while lights are still on
5.45 pm Seahorse Sanctuary, Pacific reef and Coastal Wreck
5.55 pm Freshen up and wash hands for dinner
6.00 pm Dinner served in the Aqua Café
7.00 pm Penguins and Freshwater - say goodnight to our Little Blue Penguins
7.20 pm Behind the Scenes Tour and Ocean Tunnel feeding activity
7.50 pm Jellyfish Kingdom
8.15 pm Set up beds, brief, fire drill
8.45 pm Clean teeth and into pyjamas
9.00 pm Bed time and lights out shortly after
Following Morning  
6.00 am Rise and shine!
6.15 am Morning brief, pack beds and baggage, get dressed
6.45 am Breakfast service commences in Aqua Café
7.45 am Rock pool area exploration – touch a sea star!
8.30 am Good-bye from our staff to depart SEA LIFE

Sleepover Program Costs

Sleepover rate per student $109
FREE teacher ratio 1:10 or part there of
Additional teacher/adult supervisor cost $109


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